Small New World Laboratories has developed a technology to preserve the immune cell modulating capacity and the neuroprotective potential of umbilical cord-derived MSC EVs.

Small New World Laboratories´ EV-rich vesicular secretome fractions (VSF) modulate the regeneration and biomechanical parameters at the healing site and efficiently suppress fibrotic scar formation.

IP protected, pulsed EV-Technology


With our stromal cell-derived pharmaceutical EV-rich preparations Small New World Laboratories addresse the need for the development of a safe and efficacious off the-shelf biological therapeutic to support a series of indications with a poorly met medical need, including non- and delayed union bone fractures, tendon and tendon-enthesis injuries, implantation and surgery-induced injuries, neuropathic pain, and acute spinal cord injury.


The proprietary GMP-compliant manufacturing technology allows for the manufacturing and storage of an advanced biological medicinal product for immediate application

  • to improve and accelerate healing of bone defects
  • to improve healing of ruptured tendon insertions 
  • in the acute phase of traumatic spinal cord injury
  • to augment acceptance and performance of cochlear implants
  • to provide neuroprotection and neuroregeneration
  • to reduce implant-induced injury and fibrosis
  • to combat neuropathic pain