The inevitable response to injury, trauma or implantation is wound healing that is essentially comprised of hemostasis, inflammation, repair, and remodeling. The body’s physiologic response to injury involves a dynamic interplay between mechanical forces and biochemical cues, which directs a cascade of signals leading ultimately to the formation of a fibrotic scar. Formation of scars during the healing process offsets the natural process of repair and regeneration, and represents a significant healthcare burden.

Small New World Laboratories provides innovative solutions to improve tissue regeneration and to reduce fibrotic scar formation.


Small New World Laboratories develops and manufactures human cell-derived advanced biologics to improve and accelerate the body´s endogenous healing process by suppressing inflammatory immunoreactivity and fibrosis, and engages in contract process development and contract manufacturing activities to support basic researchers and commercial entities in reaching their individual goals.

SNWlabs provides the transdisciplinary expertise, scientifically verified solutions and a state-of-the-art equipment along with established methods including:

  • GMP-compliant manufacturing in a licensed pharmaceutical environment
  • development of appropriate processes for manufacturing and quality control
  • development of new analytical technologies
  • support for clinical testing of new therapeutic preparations (up to Phase II Clinical Trials)